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Here is what MyCreativeTeam does for churches: We bring creative concepts & ideas and agency quality delivery to churches in need of a creative push for their brand, message series or events (by presenting strong conceptual thinking, solid strategy and artful execution) to engage the audience and fulfill God’s mission for his people.

I help churches think outside of their own creative base. By asking questions and digging deep into a concept I help the principal stakeholders, pastors and admin staff to develop ideas based on original and sometimes unconventional and innovative thought.  I also help the organization to look at things in their subject matter from an outsiders (the audience) perspective – by turning things around we get to see how compelling the story/message really is.

I have a passion for Jesus and a deep love for his church. Thats what drives me to seek after partnerships with life-giving churches that are reaching, loving & serving their cities. Also, I am not just a designer…I have been on staff at churches, held leadership positions, helped launch ministries, plant churches, stack chairs, serve on worship teams…whatever it takes. I have navigated the rough waters of ministry and I know what it takes to roll up my sleeves and do the dirty work in the local church.


I have experienced plenty of times of looking at well intentioned pastors with a heart to share the Gospel and being sidetracked by bad, boring and burned out visual design to support them.


But Joe, church is not all about visual design – why do you put such a heavy emphasis on it?


will let the numbers speak for themselves….


  • 46% of people say a website’s design is the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of the company
  • 94% of people cited poor web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website
  • 38% of potential church visitors base their decision to attend a church on the website alone
  • 33% of people said that the internet was the first place where they learned about their church
  • 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text
Each of these statistics speak of just the visual design (or what you see) in regards to church and each of these percentage points represents a person meant for a relationship with the Creator…we have an unbelievably creative Creator, why shouldn’t the church be the same way? Can you afford to lose 94% of people coming to your site?

“Can you afford to lose 94% of people coming to your site?”

In my experience here is what I have seen when it come to the visual design within the church. I believe the #1 goal of the designer/creative within the church is to make the Gospel attractive to everyone who see’s the materials coming out of the church – message graphics, marketing for events and conferences, logos, branding and creative. 

SouthGate Church, Fort Collins CO

Custom Identity Package

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Working with MyCreativeTeam you won’t just be getting anything-but-boring visual design, but a partner to help you to the story. In a world where the church has to try to differentiate from all other churches out there, but to gain attraction from a world who sometimes couldn’t give a flip about Jesus and His Bride. Thats the mission…

Joe R. Vasquez

Joe R. Vasquez

Principal Designer

To turn those outside the church into visitors,
To turn visitors into members,
To turn members into disciples.
Fill Them Up & Send Them Out.


How’s your mission going?


How can MyCreativeTeam help?

“Joe Vasquez gets my strongest recommendation. He is a strategic thinker, and offers creative and practical solutions for branding and marketing. Through working with Joe on the branding for Northern Hills, his expertise is obvious. Joe quickly assessed our current situation and worked with leadership to discover budget friendly strategies for improving our branding.”

Rob Kelly, Senior Pastor, Northern Hills Church

“Joe is an experienced designer with an understanding of what it takes to walk a client through the creative process in order to ensure that they are happy with their final product. I was blessed to watch Joe develop partnerships with all our ministries, increasing the trust in our department to deliver a product that we could all be proud of. His proficiency in design software and technique helped ensure our ability to deliver design on time, on budget, and with the desired outcome.”

Adam Lowry, Media Pastor, Rez.Church

“Joe “…does our marketing and advertising and much more, and he said he would be our PROMOTIONS AND ADVERTISING SENSEI for a morning group! See… I don’t like the word “training” or “class” because it sounds so boring…. and a morning with Joe is anything but boring! :)… [with Joe] you will get to learn how to think about being creative in advertising and promotion, how to think outside the box, how to connect with your target audience, who are you being called to connect to, etc. You will also get to learn what Joe is looking for when doing advertising and promotion …Joe always presses me to dig deeper… I love that!”

Lynette Gleghorn, Associate Pastor, Northern Colorado Cowboy Church


We have one mission: to rid the world of bad & boring design. Who's with me?

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