I was approached my client and friend that needed help in marketing and promoting the premier and demo ride of the newest of the Yamaha Touring Line: the 2018 Yamaha Star Venture. The particulars for this event are worth noting - we had less than a week to pull off the promo and get some traction for the event. 
We decided that a print and social media campaign would be the answer under this aggressive timeline. I created the signature design for the event (below) and printed all sizes for posters, flyers and cards to be handed out at biker hangouts. 
I also designed a social media campaign to promote the event via Facebook and Instagram which received heavy engagements and further shares to the different biker groups on Facebook and elsewhere.
The weekend was a success with 130+ people turning out to demo the new bike and brought lots of subsequent traffic to the store.  

I want my visual design to look like this!

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