What's in a Name?

I get asked “what’s the story with MyCreativeTeam?”

If it gets people talking…

When I was working for a larger organization some time ago, the idea came to me to be the media center for alot of other businesses. I wanted it to work like a central hub of creativity, where me and my team wouldn’t be tied to just one organization, but partnered with a bunch of other businesses to help them grow. From the ongoing conversations I was having with my peers at the time came the idea of “Creativity As A Service” where business owners would use My Creative Team for all their visual design needs. From branding to logos, to identity, to marketing, promotion and advertising.  

As word of mouth kept spreading about this new gig the conversation started happening like this:

Potential Client: Hey, I saw your new promo’s for your product – who did that for you?

Happy Business Owner: I had My Creative Team work on it…

Its a name that sums up the work I love to do and the kind of work that my clients are looking for.  To deliver quality, excellent and beautiful work.  Its a team that I would have wanted to be on from the start.

My Creative Team.


We have one mission: to rid the world of bad & boring design. Who's with me?

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