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 The focus at MyCreativeTeam is caring about the details of visually communicating the story you’re passionate about through graphic, motion and web design. 

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A New Look, A New Beginning

A reinvigorated website and digital brand strategy that makes
SouthGate Church look inviting & personable.

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Financial Outfitters

Brand strategy and identity. Financial meets cool when this company wanted more than just a dollar-sign logo. This was a good investment.

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I’m on a mission to rid the world of bad & boring design.

“Joe Vasquez gets my strongest recommendation. He is a strategic thinker, and offers creative and practical solutions for branding and marketing. Through working with Joe on the branding for Northern Hills, his expertise is obvious. Joe quickly assessed our current situation and worked with leadership to discover budget friendly strategies for improving our branding."

Rob Kelly, Senior Pastor, Northern Hills Church

“Joe is an experienced designer with an understanding of what it takes to walk a client through the creative process in order to ensure that they are happy with their final product. I was blessed to watch Joe develop partnerships with all our ministries, increasing the trust in our department to deliver a product that we could all be proud of. His proficiency in design software and technique helped ensure our ability to deliver design on time, on budget, and with the desired outcome.”

Adam Lowry, Media Pastor, Rez.Church

Joe has demonstrated great leadership in our creative department and has offered innovative suggestions and solutions to move our organization forward. His experience, expertise, and character has enriched the culture of the department. He has great initiative and creativity.

Sethry Connor, Children's Ministry, Rez.Church

Joe helped our team produce some of the best trade show results in history. From messaging deployment to design integration and leveraging existing branding, Joe’s ability to work with a seasoned team and quickly get in stride helped us meet our deadlines – and deliver. It’s not often you find a designer who can also create, improve and leverage existing messaging and collateral – Joe does. He is a viable and valuable asset for any team. We look forward to the next project Joe!

Paul Stein, Vice President of Marketing, The Coin Group

While working with Joe on a logo update, it became apparent that my company needed to establish a brand and slogan to complement the marketing effort we were making at the time. Joe conducted two branding sessions with my employees. They were fun, informative and well thought-out. The result was a team of invested employees, a marketing campaign I was proud of, and two graphics appealing to different market segments. My original goal was to add some glamour to an otherwise unglamorous industry. Joe succeeded.

Jack Lackey, President, ABS Colorado, Inc.

Joe “…does our marketing and advertising and much more, and he said he would be our PROMOTIONS AND ADVERTISING SENSEI for a morning group! See… I don’t like the word “training” or “class” because it sounds so boring…. and a morning with Joe is anything but boring! :)… [with Joe] you will get to learn how to think about being creative in advertising and promotion, how to think outside the box, how to connect with your target audience, who are you being called to connect to, etc. You will also get to learn what Joe is looking for when doing advertising and promotion …Joe always presses me to dig deeper… I love that!

Lynette Gleghorn, Associate Pastor, Northern Colorado Cowboy Church


We have one mission: to rid the world of bad & boring design. Who's with me?

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