Together We Are Creative

We bring creative to churches in need of innovation in their media that
engages the audience and fulfills God’s mission for his people.

It's like caffeine for your creative.

It’s been said before, “Its about the weekend!” You have a message that needs to be heard. Understanding the difficulty of communicating to an ever-changing audience can be a little tough. The focus at MyCreativeTeam is caring about the details of visually communicating the story you’re passionate about through graphic, motion and web design. From dreaming up design to cool lettering – its the fun details of your logo, graphic, bulletin or business card that make it worth it. Your vision combined with artful execution on our end is what makes it fun to creatively partner with you.

Take A Look At Some Favorites


MyCreativeTeam is passionate about creating unique and captivating logo’s for our partners that distinguish them, setting them apart from the rest of the pack. But we’ll go even further. We’ll create elegant and cohesively branded materials for your every need. 


Though our main work is in visual creativity, we also assist in generating content and headlining information. We have experience in helping with sermon preparation and design, messaging and creative delivery. Stuck? Need a sounding board, we’re here to help!


We are creative. No, I mean you and I together are creative. How many times have we come up with spectacular, beautiful ideas only to back down from them because we would rather play it safe than be on this side of just out of control where people are talking about your idea, your message, your organization for days and weeks after. I am all inhow about you?

 Joe Vasquez gets my strongest recommendation. He is a strategic thinker, and offers creative and practical solutions for branding and marketing. Through working with Joe on the branding for Northern Hills, his expertise is obvious. Joe quickly assessed our current situation and worked with leadership to discover budget friendly strategies for improving our branding.

Joe asks the right questions to maximize creative input, refine direction, set goals, and align the branding with the strategic position of the organization. Working with Joe increases an organizations branding and marketing I.Q. Joe will move concepts into action and make sure that innovation does not get in the way of effectiveness. Joe has proven to set and meet deadlines, keep us informed of progress, and provide availability to answer questions. I believe that working with Joe will be a rewarding experience for anyone personally and also for their organization.

Rob Kelly

Senior Pastor, Northern Hills Church

Joe is an experienced designer with an understanding of what it takes to walk a client through the creative process in order to ensure that they are happy with their final product. I was blessed to watch Joe develop partnerships with all our ministries, increasing the trust in our department to deliver a product that we could all be proud of. His proficiency in design software and technique helped ensure our ability to deliver design on time, on budget, and with the desired outcome.

Adam Lowry

Media Pastor, Rez Church

Joe has demonstrated great leadership in our creative department and has offered innovative suggestions and solutions to move our organization forward. His experience, expertise, and character has enriched the culture of the department. He has great initiative and creativity.

Sethry Connor

Children's Pastor, Rez Church

Joe helped our team produce some of the best trade show results in history. From messaging deployment to design integration and leveraging existing branding, Joe’s ability to work with a seasoned team and quickly get in stride helped us meet our deadlines – and deliver. It’s not often you find a designer who can also create, improve and leverage existing messaging and collateral – Joe does. He is a viable and valuable asset for any team. We look forward to the next project Joe!

Paul Stein

Vice President of Marketing, The Coin Group

While working with Joe on a logo update, it became apparent that my company needed to establish a brand and slogan to complement the marketing effort we were making at the time. Joe conducted two branding sessions with my employees. They were fun, informative and well thought-out. The result was a team of invested employees, a marketing campaign I was proud of, and two graphics appealing to different market segments. My original goal was to add some glamour to an otherwise unglamorous
industry. Joe succeeded.

Jack Lackey

President, Asssociated Building Specialties